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Depression by DestinyBlue Depression :icondestinyblue:DestinyBlue 35,956 3,788
Bad End Night
In the greatest depths of a darkened forest, a girl from a village doesn't know where to be
Holding out a letter with a faded color, seems that the villager will stay eternally...
She tries knocking on the broken door of a mansion she has never seen before.
“Hey, isn't anybody here?”
“Oh my, you look you could use some help, my dear.”
“...very mysterious mansion.”
“The tea will have you all convinced! ♪”
When everybody gathered, they decided how much that the girl was “worth.”
“Us meeting is almost like fate!”
“Welcome to our mansion!”
“Hurry, HurrY!"
“I will pour some wine for her.”
“Let's get noisy! ♪ ”
“We should all make a toast!”
“Are you ready?”
“Then let's begin the madness!”
You are the highlight of this Crazy Night being a
:icondemongirl2002:demongirl2002 3 2
Yuri Kiss by DestinyBlue Yuri Kiss :icondestinyblue:DestinyBlue 2,811 269
Weeping Willow
Somewhere a willow tree is sleeping,
whilst I beneath it, am awaking,
but soon the willow will be weeping,
knowing that my soul is aching.
For the city will reclaim me,
in its heart so oddly angled.
Aesthetically it tried to maim me,
my inner freedom slowly strangled.
A stream has slid into an impasse,
No more is it gently flowing,
Water stemmed by reeds and grass,
I feel my mind is slowing, slowing...
The grass enfolds me, nature holds me,
beneath the willow’s sunlit dream,
I’m wishing I could longer sleep.
Like the willow; like the stream.
And somewhere there back in the city,
betwixt the blocks that hide the sun,
In starkest streets it’s not so pretty,
and work is grey and never done.
And monochrome sits in the office,
pulling light through filtering blinds,
where old files mix with prejudice,
that comes from ever-closing minds.
Grey suits and ties in ordered row;
smiles stored with papers obsolete.
In-trays the only things that grow;
darkened windows hide the stre
:iconshelleypalmer:shelleypalmer 22 22
loved and lost souls
linger in the old streets
where they grew up
where they grew old
:iconomnomnomsquirl:OmnomnomSquirl 2 17
Freedom from the Unknown by davidrabin
Mature content
Freedom from the Unknown :icondavidrabin:davidrabin 3 2
Yuki Approves! by EVOV1 Yuki Approves! :iconevov1:EVOV1 57 10 Grumpy Cat by knuFaD-zzaJ Grumpy Cat :iconknufad-zzaj:knuFaD-zzaJ 526 61
This is for the Average Artist
It is painful at times,
Seeing those born with skill and talent.
They paint such beautiful things, using the barest of material.
Entire worlds are spun at their fingertips, all from a dot of paint.
I think sometimes, of how nice it must be,
To be able to capture such beauty, within the borders of a page.
To spin a tale from but the smallest of phrases,
To create a fantastic adventure from a mundane experience.
It is painful indeed at times. When I am seated in this room,
Surrounded by the dull hum of failure and regret,
I ask myself, with eyes burning in the mirror,
Am I finally ready to give it all up?

'No!' I say
I will not let it end this way!
Not without a fight, not until I know that I am utterly broken.
The good lord may have blessed you with talent my friend,
He has given you everything that I could have ever desired...
But there is one thing that I have earned;
One little gift that remains my own.
You would not know of it,
Since you have never felt it,
:iconwordofchen:WordOfChen 1,661 458
Broken Little Girl
Empty eyes
Filled with sorrow
Empty heart
Filled with agony
Empty soul
Filled with anger
Look at her
Look at what
You turned her into
:iconghostoftheemptygrave:GhostOfTheEmptyGrave 26 62
-I Love P-Body- by Celia-Alva -I Love P-Body- :iconcelia-alva:Celia-Alva 62 57
So damn worthless
The words don’t match the feel
So damn weightless
Clichéd but never real
This unkindness
My muse ran out of zeal
Kept in the darkness
It would take time to heal
Its hateful
Nothing fateful
I'm feeling so ungrateful
Escape this great ordeal...
:iconohreemamma:Ohreemamma 21 16
I wish...
I’ve been sitting on your doorstep for three days.
Here are the nothings I left under the mat:
i.I do not feel like a lion anymore,
an alpha wolf, a hyena or
any other strong-willed beast.
ii. Today,
I want to take my scars
out to lunch,
feed them your eyes,
& your tongue
until it bleeds sorrow,
and “please forgive me’s”.
iii.  You wish I never existed
as you grind those words
into my wrists like they are
red hibiscus blossoms.
& I’ll have you know
I am a flower, bloomed,
rooted deep into the soil.
You are just a combination
of 26 letters-
an “I wish…”
:icondearpoetry:DearPoetry 252 49
Thought I was Alone by Vulpessentia Thought I was Alone :iconvulpessentia:Vulpessentia 311 37
things stay the same
Stripped tinsel
crushed beneath;
warm lights and
the red-gold glow of
Crepe and cellophane
drowning in
half-empty wine glasses--
tape hung over
under trash and
the re-gifted morning
Tree-lights and ribbon-frays
tracing paper and
curled to
remember resolutions
crawling beneath
the bows
of years to come
:iconinsomniaplague:insomniaplague 38 39


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You were there, that friend in the spotlight of my life,
how should I thank you?
thank you by giving you my heart,
sorry it's so bloody and raw.
Take my heart my friend.
For you and only you.
Don't share...

Because you were there,
when my words would grind into nothing but a thick paste on the floor,
when my words would suicide leap from the tip of my tongue, scattered bones. fragile.
My friend , my harbor oh my. 
I'm sorry if this sounds too much like a love letter,
I'm sorry for not being that friend who'd stand up for you when I should have done.

Every day i imagine what you would have said,
laughing to myself,
almost as if you were still there,
imprinted in my life, I cannot erase you even if I tried.
My realistic Frankie, who I'd love to talk to. Even say nothing at all to.
Golden leaved silence.
The Frankie, who I miss every day.
Feeling a little hollow some days more so than others.
The Frankie who would crack the best jokes.



P.S. What are you up to over summer?


Florence Bloomfield
United Kingdom


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